Monday, 19 May 2014


I am going to close this blog - although it won't be deleted, it just won't be updated after today - and perhaps my Twitter account, too, and just post to my Flickr and Facebook pages (links to these are at the top of the page) and website. With Twitter, this blog, the website, Flickr and my Facebook page, it's overkill and has got a little completely out of hand. After a few hours out photographing, I spend as much, if not more, time posting to the internet! I've got other hobbies and interests also competing for time and, as well as that, I am going back to work at the beginning of June and won't have as much time to look after all my sites.
If I start another blog (never say never) it will be on the Wordpress platform, same as the website, and fully integrated with that website, rather than hosted separately.