Thursday, 27 October 2011

A post!

I have not kept this updated for a while, so I expect my reader has probably gone elsewhere! Since the trip on Vision of the Seas in late April/early May, I have not actually been anywhere or done very much. My other interests and my seasonal job have kept me busy, as has rather a feeling of 'meh' towards the whole thing! Not to mention a ripped knee cartilage and a broken ankle (two separate accidents!), which also put a crimp in a lot of activities over the summer.
I did, however, manage a few photos during a couple of trips over to the mainland to visit my sister. One was of Queen Mary 2, taken through the front window of the car ferry. I was stuck down below decks, thanks to being on crutches and the lift not going as far as the outer deck. The picture didn't turn out too badly, despite having been taken through the grubby windows of the ferry.

Click on each photo for larger version.

Last week it was announced that Cunard would be re-registering their ships in Bermuda, in order to cash in on 'the market for weddings at sea' (to cut costs, more like). It's a shame that the ships will soon have 'Hamilton' on their sterns and not 'Southampton'. Cunard wasn't really that 'British' anymore but this has removed that last vestige of Britishness - and it was always nice to see 'Southampton' on their sterns. Can't say I am surprised, really, P&O did the same thing a while back and it was a matter of time before Cunard did the same but that doesn't alter the fact that it is a bit disappointing.

I went over to the mainland again in early September, this time for my sister's wedding (third time lucky?!), as (bad) luck would have it I was on crutches again, this time due to a fractured ankle after tripping in a pothole. Hopefully I have now used up all my bad luck.
Albatros was in, I'd never seen this one before so, after getting an unsatisfactory shot from the car deck (upper picture) with my 400mm lens which was already on the camera and I didn't have time to change it, I got my aunt to drive round to Mayflower Park, so I could get a better photo with the 70-200mm lens. Mayflower Park was being prepared for the Boat Show, so trucks and boats were in the way and we couldn't go right to the end in the car.

Photography while balancing on crutches is not the easiest thing to do but, at least the pictures came out reasonably well.