Saturday, 6 November 2010

November 2008...

Almost two years ago QE2 left Southampton for the last time. She'd been sold to Dubai and sailed on her final cruise to the Middle Eastern country on 11th November 2008. I was there, on a special Red Funnel cruise aboard Red Eagle, to see her off and, of course, was very sad to see my all-time favourite ship leave forever.
As well as still photos, some of which you can see here (scroll down the page a bit), I also carried along a Minolta Dimage Z2 compact camera with a movie mode on it and took some poor quality videos. The camera's image quality is poor, the sound quality worse and the autofocus struggled to cope but I did manage to capture something of the event with it and that's always better than nothing.

Bridge crew leaning on the siren button:

Some of the fireworks:

This was the last vew of her as we slowed down and she continued on down the Solent and out of sight.

I don't think there was a dry eye in Southampton that evening.

I still miss my old friend. :(